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Date: May 18, 2019

Tournament Check-In: 7:00 AM at Kern River Fly Shop

Start: 8:00 AM

Score Card Return: 4:00 PM at Kern River Fly Shop

Tournament Festivities: 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM at Kern River Fly Shop


This will be a 2 person team event with a float and wade division. The registration fees for the wade division is $75 per angler and the float division fee is $100 per angler. Youth angler fee is $50. Teams do not have to belong to a fly fishing club to participate. Team shirts are highly encouraged. Check in will be at the Kern River Fly Shop at 7:00 am. Profits from the tournament fees will be donated to Kern River Conservancy and Keepers of the Kern.

 Post tournament activities will be held at the Fly Shop Backlot where vendors may showcase products. We will have a delicious BBQ dinner followed by a jam session to provide entertainment. 

Register by April 30 and receive a free CARPFEST hat. 

Online registration closes on Monday, May 13, 2019. 

Cash registration available day of.

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Tournament Rules

All cards must be brought back to the Fly Shop by 4:00 PM sharp.

You must have a valid California fishing license.

In conjunction with Carp Throwdown, we will be following their tournament scoring rules. 

This is a fly fishing, catch and release tournament fundraiser with teams of two for both the float and wade divisions. Youth anglers welcome. You may fish anywhere on Lake Isabella so long as your score card is back by 4:00 pm at the Fly Shop. You may use a total of three three flies at one time. Indicators/bobbers, split shot, any length leader/tippet and weighted flies are all acceptable. Barbless hooks are encouraged, but not required. Carp must be mouth hooked and not snagged. Flies may not be scented, however regular floatant is allowed. Tenkara rods are OK to use. 


May consist of boats, float tubes, kayaks, SUPS and any other form of watercraft. 


Must fish from shore and may not use boats/floatation devise for transportation. Waders are NOT required. (Anglers may wet wade) 


We are opening registrations to kids 12-17 years of age. Anglers must fish from shore and may not use boats/floatation devise for transportation. Waders are NOT required. (Anglers may wet wade) Parent or guardian must register the youth angler. Parent or guardian must accompany youth angler during competition.


 Every fish must be recorded with a digital camera or phone, and each measurement must be with an official CARPFEST Ruler (to be provided to each team at sign-in) that clearly shows the entire length of the fish and a closeup of the ruler.

The 5 largest fish per length per team count:
1 inch = 1 point

Carp should be measured nose to tip of tail!
The team with the most points wins.

Tie breakers are fun! In each division a tie will be decided by a shootout to a specific target. Three false casts and  one lay down closest to the target will win.


Trophies will be awarded to first and second place winners in each division and the Epic Prize will be awarded to the angler with the largest carp.