Mammoth Outing Report



The morning started off with a fortifying breakfast of hot cakes, bacon and strong coffee at Mule House Cafe to power the gang through a day of fishing. 

The day looked promising with Rainbow Falls roaring with water. 

The gang soon split up with Chiaki and Amy fishing just below Rainbow Falls. Sergio, Jon and Celine fished just above the second waterfall. Van, Ryan and Savannah fished south of the second waterfall. Note:  Rob and Adam are at the Stillwater Classic on Crowley avoiding fish jail time.

The dry fly action on this water was ridiculous! The aggressive browns, rainbows and golden hybrids would not take anything unless the fly was riding high and dry on the surface. Except, of course, if you're Sergio and straight nymphing all the way! 

Time sure flies by when you're catching trout left and right and soon it was time to make the hike back up to our cars. But before we met up for dinner at Chiaki's Pizza Palace, a part of the gang made a little detour up to Devil's Post Pile. Not going to name names again, but someone almost went to rock jail. 

It was an exhausting day, but no rest for the weary! The Buhlers were soon rigging up everyone's rods for some still water nymphing the next day. At least everyone had some pizza and beer and a whole lot of fish tales from the day. 


Sleepy but excited was how the morning started at Crowley. The party split up in three boats with Celine and Jon with Adam, Chiaki and Amy with Rob, and Sergio and Savvy with Ryan. 7 AM and BOOM! Celine is on board with the first fish of the day!

First fish still water nymphing 

First fish still water nymphing 

Everyone soon followed with their Crowley haul! Not to be braggadocios, but it seemed like our boats were the only ones getting some action! Rob had a pretty productive boat with Chiaki on a hook up every 2 seconds! 

Ryan's boat had the most style on Crowley with Savvy and Sergio hooking up to a couple of fish!

Adam's boat was probably the loudest on the lake complete with Tui Chub chants.

The bite was steady from 7am to 11 am with the gang calling it quits around 2pm.  I think it's safe to say that the weekend was AWESOME!

Crowley Wrecking Crew

Crowley Wrecking Crew