Kid's Fly Fishing Academy


We are big believers in promoting the sport of fly fishing to a broader demographic. What better way to promote the sport than starting with our youth? We have created a fun and interactive program for children to enjoy the sport of fly fishing. The students learn the mechanics of fly casting, understanding the importance of entomology, the art of fly tying, the value of knot tying, the significance of conservation in the fly fishing world and ultimately the joy of fishing for trout. We have partnered with CDFW's Kern River Hatchery to enable the students to fish for trout. We have also partnered with--- to make this program possible.

A relative must be a club member for students to participate in this free event and the student must not be more than 18 years of age.  

If you would like to become a mentor during this class, please contact Chiaki Harami for further details.


Students experiencing how to catch and safely release trout back into the water.