Women’s Fly Fishing Class – June 24th

The Women Fly Fishing Class will be held on Saturday June 24th starting at 8:30 am at the Kern River Fly Shop.  This class is geared toward beginner Women Fly Fishers or ones that have never fly fished.  The classes will be taught from a woman's perspective.  The women will learn about casting, knots, entomology, conservation/ etiquette, fly tying and equipment/apparel.  Guy Jeans will be teaching casting, but the rest of the stations will be taught by experienced woman instructors. .  We are placing a 60 women limit for the class = 10 women per station.  The participants will spend 50 minutes at each station then rotate to the next station.  We have made arrangements for Simms to bring their full line of Women's apparel in each size.  There will be goodie bags, an hour lunch break and the Class will end at 4:00 pm.  The cost of the class is $0.  Women will be on their own for all meals.  The only requirement for the class is to become a member of Southern Sierra Fly Fishers Club: $25 for single or $35 family. Click the membership tab above to join.

There will be a SSFFC meeting that night 7:00 pm at the Kernville Chamber of Commerce.  Kesley Gallagher, class instructor, will be the main speaker talking about her fly fishing adventures and her 4 fly fishing world records.  The world’s best cake (according to Giada De Laurentiis, Food Channel Chef) will be served at the meeting.  A fund raiser for Casting For Recovery will also be part of the meeting.  We will be playing heads or tails for a custom build Sage rod.  Also as part of the meeting, Debbie Sharpton, SWC Conservation Director will be presenting the Fly Fishers International and their renewed focus on Conservation.

There will be an optional whitewater raffling trip on Sunday June 25th on Class ll & lll water for $32.

Women can email me haramic@aol.com to reserve a spot in the class.  They will receive an informational packet containing additional information on the class and Kernville – hotels, restaurants, etc.

2017 Rendezvous

The 12th annual Rendezvous is right around the corner on April 8th.  It’s our biggest annual fund raiser and membership drive of the year.  Everyone is invited and signing up is made very easy on-line at: ssffclub.org   A headcount is needed for all the activities, so there is a sign up deadline of April 3.   Funds raised at the Vous supports the valuable club activities for the year.  We are requesting help on the raffle items.  If anyone would like to assist in donating items for the raffle, please bring them to the Vous by 3:00 pm.  The item should be in great shape, new or “almost new” and definitely not broken.  Thank you to the people who have donated items in the past.  The Club really appreciates the items and their contribution towards the overall success of our fund raising efforts.

The main Vous activities will be held at Rivernook Campground and please call them (760) 376-2705 to reserve your spot at the SSFFC discounted price.  Check-in for the Tourney will be at the Fly Shop at 8:00 am.  This will give participants the opportunity to pickup any last minute fly fishing supplies.  The river cleanup is also part of the Tourney, with a prize given to the participant that brings back the most trash.  Over the past years, we’ve had some interesting trash items brought back…… chairs, doors, bar-b-q, etc..  The casting contest will take place on the water, immediately after the Tourney.

I have built an Epic Fiberglass rod to be included the regular raffle and we will have a special separate raffle for a custom built Winston Air 5wt.  There will also be a bunch of other special and unique raffle items.  Freddie is geared up for his world famous tri tip BBQ and he has a few surprises for us.  We are still in the process of booking entertainment, but it will be a rocking time.  And as always, we’ll have the fun and exciting heads or tails game.  I know everyone has been practicing.  Dinner starts at 5:30 pm at Rivernook Campgrounds.


Tourney (includes dinner)                   $25

Dinner only                                         $15

Dinner – Kids 10 years and younger  FREE

Raffle Tickets                                     $1 each.

Please attend and help support Southern Sierra Fly Fishers Club, the greatest club in the world.

Thanks,  Chiaki

Southern Sierra Fly Fishers 2017 Scheduled Events

March 18 – Upper Kern:  Guy Jeans will be leading this outing and providing fly fishing lessons.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to fly fish the Kern River from the best.  This class is limited to 12 members.  Please email haramic@aol.com to reserve your spot.  We’ll meet at the Fly Shop at 8:30 am for the fun day.

The evening of March 18th  Seth Blackamore will be presenting backpacking and fly fishing the back county of the Eastern High Sierras.  Meet at the Kernville Chamber at 7:00 pm.

March 19th – Fly Tying with Buhler Bros:  This class is specially geared towards beginner fly tyers or anyone that needs help with a certain fly.  Meet at the Kernville Chamber at 9:00 am.

Sign up with Rob Buhler: clouserfreak@hotmail.com.

April 8 – Rendezvous: This is our Club’s biggest fund raiser and membership drive.  Catch and release partner tourney, casting contest, raffles, BBQ dinner and entertainment.  The main activities will be held at Rivernook.  Reserve your campsite and let them know you’re with SSFFC.  This event is always a fun party, please come out and support SSFFC.

May 6 Kids Academy: 15 kids, ages 8 to 18 will be learning how to fly fish during this fun filled day at the Kernville Hatchery.   Kids will learn casting, entomology, conservation, knots, fly tying and fishing for rainbow trout at the Hatchery.  Membership is required.  Please contact Kimberly at the Kern River Fly Shop for enrollment.  If you would like to help with the kids in this worthy cause, please email haramic@aol.com

June 24th: Women’s Fly Fishing Class.  This class will focus on learning to fly fish from the women’s perspective.  We have a number of outstanding women instructors including Kesley Gallagher and Analiza del Rosario.  Kesley has fished all over the world and holds a number of IGFA world records.  Analiza has been a Board member on the Southwest Council of the Federation of Fly Fisher as the Women’s Director and recently on the radio providing her expert advice.  We are lucky to have both as instructors for this new class.  Please email haramic@aol.com if you have any questions or like to sign up.  SSFFC membership is required.  Meet at the Fly Shop at 8:30 am.

On the same day, the men and other women will have a Carp outing on Lake Isabella led by Randy Skidgel, Carp Fly Fisher extraordinaire.  Randy will discuss the fly fishing gear, flies and techniques needed to catch the mighty carp.  Meet at the Fly Shop at 8:30 am.  Email haramic@aol.com for questions or to sign up.

Meeting: The evening of June 24th Kesley Gallagher will be our guest speaker.  She will talk about how to apply to the IGFA for world records, her current world records and her fly fishing adventures.  Kesley is becoming a fly fishing celebrity and here’s your chance to meet her as she rises to the top.  Meet at the Kernville Chamber at 7:00 pm.

July 22nd:  Guy Jeans will be leading our outing to the Lower Kern again this year.  We will be targeting bass on the lower.  Float tubes, pontoons or kayaks are highly recommended.  Meet at the Fly Shop at 8:00 am.

SSFFC Fishstock Music Festival Sept 5th

SSFFC will have a booth at the Fishstock event at the Kernville Hatchery this Saturday Sept 5th. We are looking for members to help work the booth. You can help by:

1. Providing general information about the Club

2. Teaching kids to tye flies.

3. Assisting kids catch trout at the adjacent hatchery pond.

We will be settling up the booth at 10:30 am and the gates open to the public at noon 12:00 pm. This great event runs until 9:00 pm.

Fishstock is a fund raising music festival to help the Kernville Hatchery purchase trout food and start a trophy trout program for the Kern River. There will be 11 bands performing including the Stoneflys and the Kern River Ukulele Club.

So far we have 3 Board members working the booth and we will need more help. If you’re interested in helping, please contact Chiaki at: Haramic@aol.com

Check out the set list of band on facebook!



Outing July 26th Kern River SMB

Lower Kern River Trip targeting Smallmouth Bass on Sunday July 26th, meet at 8:00 am.

Personal watercrafts are highly advisable on this outing. Kimberly stated it’s difficult to fish from the steep bank and it drops off very quickly, not much chance to wade. Additional details are forthcoming. We are trying to make arrangements to reserve special facilities for post float activities. The special facilities are being managed by a former SSFFC member. He was ”converted” to fly fishing.

Guy Jeans has offered his services on this special outing! I’ve never fished for Smallmouth bass before, so I’m all in.

Fly recommendations – Flies need to be big! I’ll get more details. Equipment needed: I’ll get more details. There maybe a few extra float tubes available, so don’t let that stop you. This will be a fun outing and lunch will be provided. Please reply to ssffclub@gmail.com KernSMB

June 13th Meeting ‘Flyfishing Lake Crowley From a Personal Watercraft

Hello all,

Our next club meeting is June 13th.

RobBThe Buhlers, Rob and Ryan are back and will be presenting. 'Flyfishing Lake Crowley From a Personal Watercraft

will be looking forward to another of their awesome presentations. It looks like the river is fishing well, so lets all get together for a nice day of fishing and a great club meeting.

See ya there!!! 

Allen Bell

TODAY Last Day, June 3, to comment on Kern River Rainbow Collection

June 3 , 2015

Last day to comment on making history for the Kern River Rainbow!

Funston Meadow Kern River Rainbow

Funston Meadow Kern River Rainbow

The SSFFC public comment letter,

The Southern Sierra Fly Fishers Club (SSFFC) is headquartered in Kernville, California, the gateway to the Southern Sierra and Golden Trout Wilderness. We support the collection of the native Kern River Rainbow (KRR) from SQNP as part of a native trout conservation strategy which will include reintroduction of pure strain KRR into their native waters within the vast Kern River Basin. This collection for is a major step towards the reintroduction of the KRR strain into waters where their genetic makeup has been compromised from past stocking practices. Multiple genetic studies by UC Davis have been completed and their recommendations for collection from multiple sites to prevent genetic bottlenecks is an appropriate model for the CDFW to follow. This project should also help to protect the KRR from a possible listing as a threatened species if its population were to continue to decline as many native trout species in California already have. The successful reintroduction of the Little Kern Golden Trout by the CDFW proved that it is also possible for the Kern River Rainbow. Thank you for your time and allowing us to comment.

The local fly clubs have been working on this project for almost 30 years and it's close to fruition.

Link to comment online


More info on the history


We appreciate your comment either for or against!

Shane Goslin

Southern Sierra Fly Fishers

2015 Vous Report: THANK YOU!

This gallery contains 10 photos.

The 2015 tenth year Rendezvous anniversary is in the books. I want to thank everyone that attended. Your participation has helped SSFFC continue its important programs and projects for another year. I hope everyone had a great time like I did. This Vous was the first one for our many of our new members and 10th for many of us old timers.

The main purpose of the Vous is to get together with old friends, talk fish stories and make new friends. The secondary purpose is to raise funds and bring in new members. I believe both missions were accomplished. Our Kids Academy program is so important that we held two special raffles to raise earmarked funds. We had a donated Yeti cooler and 4 fly boxes containing approx. 250 flies from our top fly tying members: Rob and Ryan Buhler, Allen Bell, Adam Petuskey and Bill Hammons. These items were almost enough to fund the 2016 Kids Academy. We just need a little more from the Kids Academy Pokers night and we will be set for 2016. Plans for another Yeti cooler are already underway and this Yeti will be taken on the road to many shows, outings and awarded at the 2016 Vous.

Big thanks goes out to our friends: Freddie, Phil and Tim for cooking the best tri tip and chicken bbq dinners . Outstanding job gentlemen, the food was delicious. A special thanks goes out to the Woodward Brothers for their donation of their Montana cabin and another special thanks to the Barnes Family for their winning bid on the cabin.

The Stoneflys rocked the canyon with their fun music and grew a big dancing crowd. Big thanks also goes out to everyone that donated raffle items. We also provided space to our important vendors and programs: Redington/Sage, CFR and Sierra Nets.

Thank you to everyone that helped pull the Vous together. Most importantly, thank you to the members that donated, participated and funded the SSFFC. This club is for you, the best Fly Club in the world!!!!

Thank you,


Craig Root: Most Trout 117 inches.

Craig Root: Most Trout 117 inches.

Keith Pengilley Dry Fly Only

Keith Pengilley Dry Fly Only

Junior Division: Marcos Skidge

Junior Division: Marcos Skidgel

Largest TROUT: 16 INCHES Jeremy Hale

Largest TROUT: 16 INCHES Jeremy Hale

Men’s Casting  Jeremy Hale

Men’s Casting Jeremy Hale


Nate Tennant : Junior Casting


Women’s Casting: Caroline Craven:

Women’s Casting: Caroline Craven

CFR with Sharon Richards, Chiaki and Bonnie Anderson.

CFR with Sharon Richards, Chiaki and Bonnie Anderson.

Fred  and Phil aka Vous Chefs

Fred and Phil aka Vous Chefs

Preparing for StoneFlys

Preparing for StoneFlys

Rendezvous Raffle Fly Boxes

There are several top quality boxes available for this years raffle:
Legendary tyer, Bill Hammons and the Carson Fly Fishers have donated a box of over 60 trout flies!=$120-150 value
Allen Bell has donated some of his famous "StimuRaiders" and Missing Link's for a box that will also include four dozen trout flies from The Buhler Bros....equaling 72 top notch trout flies with a waterproof box. $150 plus value
A large selection of Crowley flies from Adam(Petundra) and The Buhler Bros....box included. $150 value
So Cal surf/bay box with 60 hot patterns and waterproof box from Rob Buhler. $200 value





Vous Raffle

March 21st Speaker Baghdad School of Fly Fishing!





This month we have a great speaker. Cmdr Joel Stewart will speak to our club on the Baghdad School of Flyfishing. The Kern should be fishing better every day now, so let's all plan to come up and have a great day fishing the river and that night, enjoying this very special presentation.

The meeting is 3-21, 7:00 at the Kern Chamber of Commerce.


Allen   Bag1

Rendezvous Yeti Raffle

First big donation/prize  at the 2015 SSFFC Vous

Raffle drawing for $450 Yeti Cooler for Kids Academy.

$5 per ticket.

Drawing to take place April 18 at the SSFFC Rendezvous.

cut and paste to enter:   http://ssffclub.org/rendezvous/




Outing: Owens River March 7-8

Allen Bell did some scouting for this weekends Owens outing!
Hi guys, with the LowO outing next weekend, I went up yesterday. Nymphing was ok, not great in the morning. Usual flies. Around 12:30, the river lit up with a nice Caddis hatch. Brachy's !! Fish mainly eating egg layers,so be ready to make the fly hop a little. They are #18's with a thin black body and make the wing fluffy. Really nice fish taken during the hatch, including 3 over 16". Smallest I caught during the event was over 12. About halfway through, Blue Wings came out They were #16's. the fish were taking both. Too much fun!! The hatch lasted around 3 hrs and fishing was pretty slow after. BUT, that was a fantastic time, well worth the trip. So, tie a few flies, or I will have a few should anyone need a couple.

Hope to see all of you Sat am for breakfast!! Allen

Breakfast is at Petite Pantry at 8:00 am. Dinner is at Pizza Factory in Bishop at 6:30 pm