Women’s Fly Fishing Class – June 24th

The Women Fly Fishing Class will be held on Saturday June 24th starting at 8:30 am at the Kern River Fly Shop.  This class is geared toward beginner Women Fly Fishers or ones that have never fly fished.  The classes will be taught from a woman's perspective.  The women will learn about casting, knots, entomology, conservation/ etiquette, fly tying and equipment/apparel.  Guy Jeans will be teaching casting, but the rest of the stations will be taught by experienced woman instructors. .  We are placing a 60 women limit for the class = 10 women per station.  The participants will spend 50 minutes at each station then rotate to the next station.  We have made arrangements for Simms to bring their full line of Women's apparel in each size.  There will be goodie bags, an hour lunch break and the Class will end at 4:00 pm.  The cost of the class is $0.  Women will be on their own for all meals.  The only requirement for the class is to become a member of Southern Sierra Fly Fishers Club: $25 for single or $35 family. Click the membership tab above to join.

There will be a SSFFC meeting that night 7:00 pm at the Kernville Chamber of Commerce.  Kesley Gallagher, class instructor, will be the main speaker talking about her fly fishing adventures and her 4 fly fishing world records.  The world’s best cake (according to Giada De Laurentiis, Food Channel Chef) will be served at the meeting.  A fund raiser for Casting For Recovery will also be part of the meeting.  We will be playing heads or tails for a custom build Sage rod.  Also as part of the meeting, Debbie Sharpton, SWC Conservation Director will be presenting the Fly Fishers International and their renewed focus on Conservation.

There will be an optional whitewater raffling trip on Sunday June 25th on Class ll & lll water for $32.

Women can email me haramic@aol.com to reserve a spot in the class.  They will receive an informational packet containing additional information on the class and Kernville – hotels, restaurants, etc.