Raider Mentoring Day June 8 2013

Hello all!! On June 8th, the next meeting day, I and my crack team of mentors will be holding a Raider Mentoring Day. I think I have mentors for 6 people. This is not really a beginner type class. It is meant for those that have fished and are able to do the basics. We will cover casting for fishing, reading water, and techniques you will use to hopefully catch more fishes and fewer trees. There will be a short stream side class type presentation, then we fish together with a mentor. We will meet at the Cracked Egg for breakfast, then off to the river. I like to meet around 7:30, but if water conditions demand an earlier start, the plan will change. You will need all your fishing and wading gear. Club membership BEFORE the event is required. You cannot pay and join the morning of the event. So with that, I will start a list, don't worry if it looks like we are filling up, I'm always on the prowl for mentors, I may be able to handle more than 6 students by the time of the event. You can contact me with questions @ EMail is:

This will be a fun, productive(hopefully) day, so sign up quickly!!!


Raider aka Allen Bell