Lahontan Volunteer Project Outing Aug 17-18th

Lahontan Project.

 SSFFC has scheduled a weekend outing, August 17th and 18th to assist in the Lahontan Project.  The target area is Silver Creek in the WestWalkerRiver watershed near Bridgeport.  A base camp will be established at the headwaters of Silver Creek and a team of 4-5 people will assist the CDFW with electro-fishing. The goal of this multi-year event is to eradicate the non-native brook trout so the stream can sustain a currently imperiled population of Lahontan cutthroat trout. Upon competition, Silver Creek will be opened to angling.

 This is a great opportunity to help the Californian Lahontan Cutthroat recover in Silver Creek.  Working will be done in the mornings, leaving the afternoon to fly fish.  The base camp will be available for camping and there are hotels in Bridgeport.  This event will be a joint outing with the Carson City Fly Fishers Club.  They placed 2nd in the Inter-Club Tourney last year.  Please email if you wish to sign up or have any questions.