June 21 SSFFC Meeting

Our June 21st speaker is my world famous cousin, Zino Nakasuji.  Zino has fished waters that most of us have only dreamed of fishing: New Zealand, Belize, River Spey, Christmas Island, etc.  One of his favorite methods of fly fishing is sight casting to difficult to catch fish.  He has become an expert on Bonefish on the flats, having spoken at our Club and Marriotts on Oahu Bonefishing.  He goes there only 3 or 4 times a year.  I know, poor guy.  Zino will be presenting fishing for Carp in the LA River and at Lake Henshaw.  He will cover everything you ever wanted to know about catching carp in the LA River: top spots, flies to use, etc.  For Lake Henshaw, you’ll find out about the hopper fishing for carp, that’s right top water action for carp.  The meeting starts at 7:00 pm at the Kernville Chamber of Commerce.    
As an added bonus, come fish Sunday morning with Zino and Randy for Carp at Lake Isabella and find out how it’s done by two premiere carp fly fishers.  Catching carp is not easy.  Learn the secret techniques and flies used by the experts.  This should be a fun time!! Wink