July 13th SSFFC Meeting & Casting Class @ Long Beach Casting Club

Hi Everyone,

Our July 13 meeting will be held at the Long Beach Casting Club,  7pm to 9 pm.   

Our speaker is Al Q - Fly Fishing the Surf.  Al Q is a well known Surf fly fishing expert.

We added a bonus, casting lessons from Mark Allen (one2fish).  Mark is a Certified Instructor and a great guy.  2Fly and I took his last class he taught for the Club and he helped both of us tremendously.  He's a great instructor, has tons of helpful hints and a way about him which makes the class....FUN!! 

Class info:      Roll Cast, from the basics to the advanced. 

Learn to perfect your roll cast from the basic setup to roll casting with a haul and shooting line for extra distance or windy conditions. Learn roll cast with various mends to put your fly in tight and tricky locations. Equipment:  4 to 7 weight rod, floating line (DT or WF) 7 1/2 foot, 1X to 4X leader.  

Long Beach Casting Club
5201 E. 7th St.
Long Beach, CA  
Come and check out the cool clubhouse and casting pond at LBCC, stay for the meeting, learn how to catch Corbina.......make it a SSFFC - LBCC Saturday!