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The Southern Sierra Fly Fishers Club (SSFFC) is headquartered in Kernville, California, gateway to the Southern Sierra and Golden Trout Wilderness.

 The Club was originally created by a group of individuals in the Kern River Valley to promote the awareness, art and skills of fly fishing, conserving our natural resources and contributing to our community. The Club has since evolved to include members through out the State of California.

 The SSFFC consists of members ranging from beginner to veteran fly fishers who have a shared passion for fly fishing the Kern River region's rivers, creeks and lakes and numerous other fisheries within the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

 The SSFFC offers a variety of opportunities, free to members, including but not limited to: 

  • Club Newsletter
  • Fly Tying Lessons
  • Rod Building Lessons
  • Nymphing Clinics
  • Casting Clinics
  • Entomology Clinics
  • Reading the Water Clinics
  • Monthly Outings
  • Conservation
  • Guest Speakers
  • Youth Fly Fishing Academy
  • Annual Catch and Release Fishing Tournament
  • Club Library

The SSFFC is governed by a Board of Directors which hold a general membership meeting once a month in the town of Kernville. There is always a very knowledgeable and informative Guest Speaker at each membership meeting, a raffle and a POST meeting get together where members can meet, have discussions regarding fly fishing and plan their next excursion.

Membership dues are $25.00 (Individual) and $35.00 (Family) per SSFFC fiscal year (9/1 – 8/31).