Inter-Club 2013 Tourney Tryout Results

Hi Everyone, 
The low water year and having the higher temps hanging around for longer than normal really threw a wrench into our Tryout schedule.  Last minute decisions were made and we held the Tryouts durning the Renedezvous.  The following are the results: Congrats to everyone!
 1.  Adam (petundra)
2.  Craig Root
3.  Don Rogers
4.  Erik (Olive Bugger)
5.  Joe (Tech)
6.  Keith Pengilly
7.  Liam (Liam)
8.  Ryan (flyn ryan) 
The two high scores from last year: Randy and Bill(xBilly) are the captains of our two teams.  They will hold a draft for their respective teams.  I will announce the teams upon completion of the draft.   The Inter-Club Tourney will be held Saturday, Nov. 2nd.  We will need Controllers to help out in this event.   I feel our teams will have an excellent chance to bring the trophy back home to where it belongs.   Smiley