FFF Inter-Club Tourney Nov 3, 2012

The Inter-Club Tourney will be held on November 3rd, the first Saturday in November. Try-out dates, to represent the SSFFC, will be held September 8th and October 13th. SSFFC will field two 5 person teams. Try-outs will use the same rules as the Inter-Club Tourney. The top scorer (Top Dog) from last year’s teams will automatically make the team. The top 4 scores from each of try-out dates will earn spots on the teams. The last (10th) spot will be the next highest score from the 2 try-out dates, to be known as the Wild Card. The next two highest scores are the alternates. The teams will be made up from the scores, the Top Dog and 4 highest scores will be Team A. Members can try-out both days. We will need controllers again for both try-out dates and the Inter-Club Tourney. Anyone that can help will be very much appreciated. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Unofficial Simple Rules: 

1.     Barbless flies  2.      No split shot (or sinkers)  3.      No indicator  4.      3 flies permitted, minimum 18” between flies  5.     No tying off the bend of the hook.  6.      Flies must be fully dressed 7.      Single visible beadhead no larger than 4 mm or 5/32 inch.    Official Rules:

ARTICLE 25: COMPETITION FLY RODS.  25.1. One conventional fly rod, not more than twelve feet/three hundred and sixty-six centimetres in length, may be used at one time.  25.2. Competitors may have spare fly rods with them but when boat fishing, these must not be assembled nor the reel attached.  25.3. Competitors are responsible for carrying and protecting their own equipment.  

ARTICLE 26: COMPETITION FLY LINES. 26.1. Any factory made floating, sinking or sink tip lines may be used, except for lead core lines.  26.2. Competition fly lines must be a minimum length of twenty-two metres.  26.3. Shooting heads are not allowed. 26.4. Neither sinking nor floating devices may be added to fly lines. 

ARTICLE 27: COMPETITION LEADERS.  27.1. A single monofilament leader may be used, of any length.  27.2. Leaders may be knotted or knotless, and continuously tapered down or level. A single loop may only be used to connect a leader to a fly line.  27.3. Neither sinking nor floating devices may be added to the leader.  

ARTICLE 28: COMPETITION FLIES. 28.1. Competitors may use floating or sinking artificial flies.  28.2. Each fly must be dressed on a single hook, without limit as to size.  28.3. The length of the dressed fly will be at the discretion of the competitor. 28.4. Weighted flies are permitted, provided the weight is hidden within the dressing. A single visible bead, not more than 4 mm in its maximum dimension, is also permitted. Painting alone does not constitute dressing. 28.5. A maximum of three flies is permitted which must not be closer to each other than 18 “measured eye to eye, hanging freely.  28.6. All flies must be attached to the leader in such a way that neither they nor their droppers move or slide along the leader material.  28.7. All flies must be dressed on hooks which are barbless.  

Guy’s ruling will be final on any rule disputes.    The Offical Rules are directly from the FIPS Rule book EXCEPT Rule 28.5 which the min distance has been changed to 18 inches.