April 13th Catching Big Fish with the Buhler Brothers!!!!

Hello All!!  The Clousers are talking!!  And talking big too.  Big fish that is.   Rob and Ryan are speaking at the next meeting on April 13th.  We, at the Aguabonita Flyfishers, were fortunate to have had them as our speakers this past Tuesday.  Believe me, this is a 'can't miss' event.  Their photography is incredible.  It is amazing to see the fish they caught in waters we all have fished often.  They freely share information that  took them much time and effort to gather.  The best part, is their beautiful flies that they bring for 'show and tell'.   Rob and Ryan definitely put on a show.  Well worth making the trip to Kernville for.  Hope to see you all there,


We will also have a short 10 minute presentation on Lahotan Cutthroat Project by Gary Applebee. President of the Deep Creek Fly Fishers.  Gary is a great guy and always donates to our Kids Academy.  His donation are from his recycling efforts and every $$ counts.  The Deep Creek Fly Fishers won the Inter-Club Tourney last year, but they are only borrowing the winners plaque for a year.  Tongue Grin Grin Grin
This should be a great meeting.  Make it a SSFFC weekend on the Kern.